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‎A marketer is someone who works within the marketing industry. Marketing is a broad concept that relates to all activities related to the promotion and marketing of products and services. In short, the profession of marketer comes down to promoting services or products by making advertising. How exactly this is done and what the specific responsibilities of a marketer are can often differ per company and the specific function as a marketer. For example, a marketer can look at how exactly customers end up at a company and try to analyze how these can become even more customers. After this analysis, a marketer can draw up a targeted plan of action. Another example may be that visitors find a company but do not purchase anything. It is then the responsibility of a marketer to come up with a good plan of action to improve this. Thus, a marketer specializes in marketing to promote certain services or products for companies and organizations. As a marketer, there are also various specializations, because marketing relates to different types of work. Good marketing is very important for most companies, because marketing contributes to brand awareness and therefore also turnover. In many cases, a marketer will focus on television, radio, and the Internet. In addition, the profession of marketer relates to the print media. The profession of marketer should also be seen as fairly general, because marketers can also focus on specific activities. In addition, most marketers are responsible for various activities that have to do with marketing. For most organizations, marketing is a process that can change every year. There are more and more possibilities when we talk about marketing.‎

‎A marketer is therefore broadly responsible for all activities that an organization carries out to ‎‎promote‎‎ products and / or services. As a marketer, you generally work very focused to reach the right target group. In order to reach the right target group, the marketer will have to devise and develop a good plan of action. Just starting an advertising campaign without a clear goal often does not give a good result, because it is not targeted. One of the most important tasks is therefore to investigate the target group as a marketer. For example, it does not make much sense to advertise on television for children's toys during the evening hours. It is the children who have to see the advertisement, so that they then ask their parents for the toys. Nowadays, a marketer can use many media channels to reach the right target group. Think, for example, of ‎‎television‎‎, ‎‎radio‎‎, leaflets, ‎‎websites‎‎ and advertising videos for ‎‎YouTube‎‎ videos. All these different media channels make it possible to advertise in a broad way as a marketer. If a marketer mainly focuses on the internet, one also speaks of an online marketer. As a marketer, you will generally work a lot with other commercial craftsmen. Think, for example, of ‎‎advertising designers‎‎ and ‎‎art directors‎‎.‎


‎Because more and more companies and other organizations advertise via the internet, the role of the marketer is also changing. A good marketer is also a kind of ICT specialist who understands how online media works. Think, for example, of targeted advertising on websites via ‎‎advertising banners‎‎, content advertising or branded content. If a marketer wants to advertise through content articles, he will generally not write the articles himself but outsource them to a ‎‎copywriter‎‎ or to a ‎‎content manager‎‎. The use of ‎‎bloggers‎‎ and ‎‎vloggers‎‎ is also common nowadays at marketing companies. This generally concerns ‎‎bloggers‎‎ and ‎‎vloggers‎‎ who must be classified as ‎‎influencers‎‎.‎


‎Marketing and ICT are two words that can no longer be seen in isolation. A marketer is not a ‎‎programmer‎‎ but will certainly have to have knowledge of ICT systems. Think, for example, of ‎‎Search Engine Optimisation‎‎ to make websites and/or content easier to find, of ‎‎analysing‎‎ website visitors and of collecting ‎‎data‎‎ to make data transparent. In addition, most marketers use ‎‎affiliate marketing‎‎. Affiliate marketing is a special form of marketing in which affiliates receive compensation if a product or service is sold. As a marketer, a broad ICT knowledge is usually indispensable nowadays.‎


‎For companies, marketing is very important. Companies therefore make extensive use of marketers to promote their services and/or products. Entrepreneurs generally cannot do without marketing because brand awareness and brand management are very important to reach consumers. Larger organizations generally also use a ‎‎brand manager‎‎. A brand manager is responsible for brand management. Brand management has to do with increasing the market share of certain producers, services and/or brands. A brand manager can therefore also be regarded as a marketer.‎


‎Today, most marketers work as online marketers. As an online marketer, you usually try to sell products and services. An online marketer then tries to get in touch with customers through the company website and other online resources. An important part of online marketing is communication. You need to be able to communicate with customers in a way that meets their needs. You must also be able to create a positive image for your product or service. Marketing management nowadays quickly relates to the online market. Online marketing and communication are very important when you are active within the online market. When we speak of an experienced online marketer, the name senior online marketer may also apply. Large companies usually have an internal online marketer. This can of course differ per type of company.‎



‎There are various training opportunities for the profession of marketer, such as the ‎‎Hbo-study Marketing Management‎‎ or the ‎‎Hbo-study Commercial Economics‎‎. In addition, there are many courses for the profession of marketer at external training institutes. An average hbo education will usually take four years, depending on your own commitment and previous education. In order to be admitted to a higher professional education programme, entrance exams can be taken, depending on the chosen programme. In addition, there are also plenty ‎‎of external training institutes‎‎ where you can follow a course. Accounting is ‎‎also‎‎ important as an independent marketer.‎


‎A marketer can work for various types of companies in all conceivable industries. Large companies generally have their own marketing department or outsource the work to a marketing agency. A marketer can of course also work well as an independent ‎‎entrepreneur‎‎. In some cases, a marketer can also be regarded as ‎‎a PR advisor‎‎.‎


‎As a marketer, you usually have a lot to do with customers and /or colleagues, and you will therefore have to be well-versed ‎‎in communication‎‎. Creativity can also be regarded as an important competence as a marketer, because a marketer will always have to come up with new catchy ideas. In addition, a marketer must have a ‎‎commercial‎‎ attitude, because a marketer will also regularly ‎‎negotiate‎‎ with regard to purchasing advertising space. Generally important words are analysis, analytical, perseverance, persuasiveness, knowledge, ICT, ‎‎planning‎‎, performing, monitoring, controlling, adjusting and ‎‎inspiring‎‎. Finally, it is important that a marketer continues to learn, because the marketing industry never stands still. Continuing to follow possible ‎‎trends‎‎ and innovations is very important as a marketer.‎


‎There is generally enough work to be obtained as a marketer, provided you have the right training. The marketing department is important for companies and usually has various internal functions with specific responsibilities. In recent years, more and more companies are focusing on ‎‎online marketing‎‎ and specialists are increasingly needed. The career opportunities as a marketer should be seen in obtaining a ‎‎managerial‎‎ position within the company, or further specializing within your field, such as by following extra training or education.‎


‎There are no specific employment conditions for this profession, because as described earlier you can work for various companies in different sectors with their own employment conditions. But in general, the terms of employment will be well arranged, because it is usually the large companies where you work. A marketer will usually ‎‎earn‎‎ between 2500 and 4500 euros gross per month, depending on age, education and specific responsibilities within the company.‎

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