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A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in personal injury, including death damage. Personal injury is a broad field because personal injury can be caused in different ways, such as by sports, work accidents, traffic accidents and medical errors. Personal injury is sometimes easy to prove, such as if someone has had an accident at work and can therefore no longer work for a period of time. But there are also cases of personal injury that are much more difficult to prove, such as if someone has had a car accident and only discovers the consequences of this later. Another example of difficult to demonstrate personal injury is occupational diseases because demonstrating relevance between occupational diseases and work is usually not easy. It is the personal injury lawyer who can assist people in the event of personal injury. Personal injury procedures are complex in many cases and usually start with holding the causer liable, such as the other party to an accident or the employer. A personal injury lawyer can also assist clients in determining the financial damage. In order to determine what the damage is, various aspects must be taken into account, such as loss of income, medical costs, consequential damage and immaterial damage. In many cases, a personal injury lawyer can also be seen as an important negotiator because a personal injury lawyer also negotiates the degree of liability on behalf of clients. The negotiation can also relate to the financial settlement. Personal injury requires specialized lawyers because personal injury procedures are complex in most cases. In addition, personal injury proceedings can take a longer period of time because determining liability and the extent to which the other party is liable is not easy.

A personal injury lawyer is therefore specialized in assisting clients, who may have suffered injuries in various ways. As described earlier, determining personal injury is not easy because several important points must be taken into account. Think of showing that someone can no longer work, or of showing for what percentage someone can no longer work. In most cases, this type of study requires additional experts to give their opinion. Think of insurance doctors and company doctors, who play an important role in personal injury. The procedures can take a long time because the other party usually does not just agree. Personal injury procedures are also generally costly procedures because personal injury is complex and can take a longer period of time. In many cases, a personal injury lawyer will try to recover the costs of proceedings from the opposing party because in many cases clients cannot do anything about the fact that they have suffered personal injury. This is usually also the case if clients need to be examined by medical specialists. The exact costs that a personal injury lawyer can recover depends on the liability of the other party. In most cases, it is important that the opposing party will acknowledge full liability, or that a court rule that the opposing party is fully liable. As described earlier, a personal injury lawyer can also play an important role as a negotiator on behalf of clients.


Personal injury applies if people have suffered physical and/or mental material and/or immaterial damage at the hands of someone else. Material damage is damage that can be directly expressed in expenses. Think, for example, of visiting a general practitioner, visiting a doctor or pharmacy costs. Immaterial damage can be seen as pain money because someone suffers or has lost income after an accident. Especially, proving immaterial damage is usually difficult in personal injury. Personal injury does not only relate to traffic accidents. Think also of occupational diseases, such as prolonged heavy lifting or contracting asbestos lungs. Another example is professional athletes, who can suffer personal injury during sports. In the event of liability of a counterparty, employers, insurers or benefit providers may recover the wages paid from the counterparty.


In order to be able to work as a personal injury lawyer, it is important that you have first completed the law course and have gained the necessary experience as a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is obliged to follow the personal injury course of approximately ten working days so that you can join the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA). In addition, separate conditions may be imposed if you want to be recognized as a personal injury lawyer. As a personal injury lawyer, you can handle various personal injury cases, such as traffic accidents, occupational accidents and medical errors. The profession of personal injury lawyer is perhaps one of the most sensitive disciplines within the legal profession because clients sometimes go through the most terrible experiences, which can have a lot of influence on their daily functioning.



Anyone who aspires to a career as a lawyer will initially have to follow and complete the university law course. The university degree in law can be followed through most universities in the Netherlands. However, the programmes and programmes may differ per university. For example, the study of law can be followed at the University of Leiden, at the University of Groningen or in Utrecht. The Bachelor's programme in Law has six specialisations, namely: Dutch law, international and European law, IT law, tax law, notarial law and legal public administration. The first year of the Bachelor's programme is fairly general and should be seen as an important orientation year, in which you will receive courses such as private law, constitutional law and criminal law. After the three-year Bachelor's programme, you will start the Master's programme, which will take another one to two years. After completing your law studies, you are not yet a lawyer, but a lawyer. To be allowed to work as a lawyer, you will first have to follow an internship period of three years, under the supervision of a recognized lawyer. After completing the internship period and the compulsory vocational training for the legal profession, you can register with the Dutch Bar Association so that you can be registered as a recognized lawyer. In addition, there are also plenty of external training institutes where you can follow a course. Accounting is also important as an entrepreneur.


A personal injury lawyer generally works for a law firm or works as an entrepreneur. In addition, a personal injury lawyer can work as a lawyer for an insurance company. In most cases, a personal injury lawyer will work for a specialized personal injury firm. There are quite a lot of lawyers and lawyers in the Netherlands who specialize in personal injury.


The most important competence of a lawyer is partiality because a lawyer must be regarded as a confidential advisor of clients. In addition, it is important that as a lawyer, you have sufficient professional knowledge within your specialization(s) and that you stay informed by following further training because you have to deal with laws and regulations. Of course, a lawyer must also have good communication skills. A lawyer must also have analytical skills so that you can distinguish the side issues from the main cases. Generally important words are mediating, arguing, negotiating, motivation, professional secrecy, consultation, cooperation, listening, planning, organizing and stress resistance. Obviously, a lawyer has to deal with various mandatory professional competences.


The labour market perspective of a personal injury lawyer is good. Personal injury lawyers must have additional training, which means that not everyone can just work as a personal injury lawyer. The career opportunities of a personal injury lawyer cannot simply be indicated because the activities are too specific for that. Obviously, building a good reputation within the legal profession can be seen as growing. A personal injury lawyer can also possibly obtain a PhD as a scientist.


There are no specific employment conditions for a lawyer because you can work for different companies and governments with their own employment conditions. However, on the website of the Dutch Bar Association, you can find more information about the employment conditions as an aspiring lawyer. A prospective lawyer earns an average of 2,200 euros gross per month in the first year, 2,560 euros gross per month in the second year and 2,900 euros gross per month in the third year. What exactly a full-fledged lawyer will earn is difficult to indicate because there are major differences within the legal profession. But in general, a lawyer will earn between 2,500 and 9,000 euros gross per month, depending on his age and responsibilities within the organization. Of course, there are also specialist lawyers who earn a multiple of the aforementioned salary.

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