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‎A beauty vlogger is a person who makes videos that focus on makeup and puts them online. As a vlogger, a beauty vlogger can also be regarded as a make-up artist. There are many vloggers who make makeup tutorials and post them on YouTube, Facebook or TikTok, for example. Such channels are very popular among women and popular beauty vloggers have many followers. Well-known vloggers who deal with beauty and make-up tutorials can be regarded as influencers within the beauty industry. A beauty vlogger performs various activities. For example, it is important to consider which topic is discussed in the video. For example, it is possible to treat a topic such as the use of day cream. Another topic may be how best to format your eyes or how best to use an eyebrow pencil. Another theme can be the application of party gala makeup. In that respect, there are an infinite number of topics that can be discussed. Moreover, each subject can be broken down again. For example, there are a lot of techniques to apply in the field of make-up, but there are also all kinds of skin problems that deserve attention, for example. In addition to coming up with themes and topics of a vlog, a beauty vlogger is also involved in promotion. That is in any case the case if a beauty vlogger is not engaged in a hobby way, but is vlogging to earn an income with it. In that case, it may also be the case that a beauty vlogger not only gives tutorials, but also offers a glimpse into personal life, for example. For example, followers also like to see how things work in the daily life of a popular beauty vlogger. Furthermore, a beauty vlogger is of course engaged in purchasing beauty products, editing videos and keeping records.‎

‎A beauty vlogger is therefore a ‎‎vlogger‎‎ who has started his own channel from a passion, such as on YouTube. In that case, a vlogger can also be regarded as a ‎‎YouTuber‎‎ and with many followers there is an ‎‎influencer‎‎. In that context, a popular beauty vlogger can work together with an ‎‎influence broker‎‎. There are multiple social media channels on which beauty vloggers can show vlogs. Vlogging usually goes beyond just make-up tutorials. There is also attention for other things than make-up as ‎‎a make-up artist‎‎, because beauty is all about the total picture. That is why a beauty vlogger can also be regarded as a ‎‎stylist‎‎ just like ‎‎beautician‎‎ or as an ‎‎image consultant‎‎. It is also possible that in addition to creating blogs, a beauty vlogger is engaged in writing blogs as a blogger. If a beauty vlogger also focuses on the care of nails and decorating them, the vlogger is also a ‎‎nail stylist‎‎. If the attention is focused on hairstyles, the name ‎‎hairstylist‎‎ may also apply. Incidentally, it is often necessary to edit videos and then there is the function of an ‎‎editor‎‎.‎


‎It is of course the dream of every beauty vlogger who starts from a passion to get a lot of followers on all major ‎‎social media channels‎‎. In order not only to gain fame through vlogging, it may also be advisable to start your own beauty blog as a ‎‎blogger‎‎. The blogs and the vlogs reinforce each other in this way. In addition, there is then revenue to be generated through multiple channels and a larger audience can be reached. In order to gain more followers, it is important to make frequent beauty vlogs and possibly link a ‎‎beauty blog‎‎ to them. By making regular vlogs, it is clear to the followers when a new beauty vlog is coming. That of course requires the necessary discipline and it is hard work with coming up with new topics and new tutorials. It is also useful to be active with your own website in addition to, for example, a ‎‎YouTube channel‎‎. It is also advisable to promote the beauty vlog on various social media channels. In any case, YouTube channels are popular and a young target group can be reached. Moreover, it is ideal for ‎‎salon managers‎‎ to brand together with a beauty vlogger, for example. This makes it possible to increase the ‎‎brand awareness‎‎ of a beauty salon.‎


  • ‎Coming up with topics‎
  • ‎Prepare tutorials‎
  • ‎Purchase products‎
  • ‎Create vlog‎
  • ‎Edit video‎
  • ‎Promote Vlogs‎
  • ‎Create blog‎
  • ‎Keep track of your own website‎
  • ‎Administration‎
  • ‎Closing deals‎
  • ‎Collaborating with companies‎
  • ‎Edit videos‎



‎There is no training to become a beauty vlogger, because anyone can start a beauty vlog. The passion often forms the basis for starting a beauty vlog and knowledge plays an important role in this, just like the energy you put into it. There are many beauty vloggers active who have gained knowledge and experience from a passion and experimentation. Of course, knowledge can also be gained by following a relevant training. Think of an ‎‎MBO training all-round beautician‎‎ and the ‎‎MBO training in external care‎‎.‎


‎A beauty vlogger often makes vlogs because it is a hobby. It may be that a beautician adds a vlog as part of the work. Salon managers can also have their own beauty channel, just like nail stylists. There are only a few really well-known beauty vloggers who make it a full-time profession. In such a situation, a beauty vlogger usually works as an ‎‎entrepreneur‎‎. For example, a beauty vlogger can receive orders from a ‎‎manufacturer‎‎ of make-up products.‎


‎Passion for beauty and everything that has to do with it is one of the required competencies of a successful beauty vlogger. Perseverance also plays an important role, because you do not have many followers overnight. In that context, discipline is also important, because you always have to put vlogs online on a frequent basis. It is also necessary to stay up to date with the latest trends and thus act as ‎‎a trend watcher‎‎. Commercial insight, such as a ‎‎commercial employee‎‎, is also important to conclude sponsorship deals and enter into collaborations. In general, sufficient ‎‎inspiration‎‎ and ‎‎motivation‎‎ are important words.‎


‎Many people watch beauty vlogs and with the youth there is always new growth. This means that the labour market perspective can be regarded as favourable. To break through, it is necessary to work hard and gather a large number of ‎‎followers‎‎. Then it is possible to grow into an influencer. In that case, you are interesting for beauty brands to work with. It is also possible that there will be a collaboration with a ‎‎PR agency‎‎ or ‎‎YouTube marketer‎‎. Starting your own ‎‎fashion blog‎‎ may also help you grow.‎


‎No salary applies to the profession of beauty vlogger. Income comes in as part of another profession, such as beautician or nail stylist. It is important to not only vlog to promote your own beauty salon or nail salon. That makes it less interesting for followers to watch the next beauty vlogs. Well-known beauty vloggers earn money as ‎‎affiliate marketers‎‎, but also with ‎‎sponsorship contracts‎‎ and the sale of advertisements. Very popular beauty vloggers make a lot of money, but it is a long way to get there.‎

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