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A folk singer is a singer who sings life songs and sorrow lyrics. In addition, a folk singer can in some cases be considered a songwriter. Folk singers are especially popular within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. A folk singer is also sometimes seen as a representative of the Dutch life song. The music that a folk singer makes is generally about daily problems and moments of happiness that everyone has to deal with, such as heartbreak, new loves, deaths, addictions and problems at work. One of the main reasons that folk music is so popular among many people is because the melodies are easy to hear and because folk music is easy for people to sing along with. In the Netherlands there are quite a lot of artists who belong to the category folk singer, because folk music is popular within the Netherlands. Especially in pubs and during special Dutch evenings, folk music can often be heard, because folk music guarantees a good atmosphere and party atmosphere. Folk music can best be described as music that has been invented by the people for the people. Folk music can therefore often be heard at so-called village festivals, where folk music quickly guarantees a good party. Originally, folk music was mainly reserved for singers, musicians and artists who could not read or write notes. Nowadays folk musicians are professional artists, who also master the notation. Roma's are also real folk musicians, who make a lot of folk music. Nowadays, folk music is accepted by everyone and folk music must be seen as full-fledged music, in which many different artists work. Writing songs yourself is also common among folk singers.

A folk singer is therefore an artist and singer, who specializes in singing and / or writing folk music. If a folk singer invents and writes his own musical numbers, the name songwriter can apply to a folk singer. The song of life, as folk singers perform it, is mainly focused on topics that concern everyone. An important part of the life song is to bring about an emotional, sentimental or melodramatic feeling that touches people. The term life song therefore refers to people's real lives, including good and unpleasant moments. This combination generally guarantees successful music, because it touches so many people in the heart. Especially love songs generally do very well, because love songs quickly touch people. Everyone has good and not so good experiences when it comes to love. Most folk singers sing alone and use instrumental music in the background, without a band or other musicians present, such as pianists, drummers or guitarists. A folk singer will therefore often perform alone and sometimes uses one or more dancers during his or her performance. Because a folk singer will often perform alone, it is usually fairly easy for a folk singer to perform at different locations on an evening. As described earlier, folk music is quite popular nowadays. Within most pubs and at parties there is now plenty of folk music to be heard.


Folk music can be regarded as popular music nowadays, because many people enjoy folk music. In addition, for many people folk music guarantees the evocation of certain emotions. Despite the fact that many people listen to folk music on a daily basis, it is true that certain radio deejays do not play folk music on the radio. Among folk singers this has been a major annoyance for years, because this is a missed opportunity for folk singers. Radio producers often give the reason that folk music does not fit their target group. The popular radio stations therefore focus more on modern pop music that appeals to young people. This does not alter the fact that nowadays there are also radio stations, which focus on folk music. In addition, almost all folk singers nowadays use the internet to promote their songs. Within the profession of singer, folk music is quite popular. Obviously, the profession of singer can also relate to other singing. Most singers can make different music.


The life song and the smartlap are both popular music genres, which cannot simply be compared with each other. The main difference between the life song and the smartlap is that the life song is about all things that concern life (good and bad) where evoking a sentimental or melodramatic feeling is paramount. Smartlappen are characterized by telling (singing) a storyline. Another important point is that smartlappen end badly at the end. Within a smartlap there is also no question of standard couplets and choruses. Within the life song this is the case. A smartlap is therefore a derivative of the song of life. A smartlappenzanger can therefore also be regarded as a storyteller, who will use singing to be able to tell a story. A life song singer and smartlappen singer can both be considered an entertainer. This is the case because the life song and the smartlap usually have an important entertainment value.


Most singers market different musical styles and their own songs. The profession of singer can be regarded as a popular profession, and many new singers try to establish themselves by winning a musical talent show. The winners of the talent show usually get a contract with a record company, which promises them to promote their careers in exchange for the exploitation rights to their songs or albums. Music comes in different styles, and some people haven't heard of most of them yet. However, most singers do not manage to break through as a singer. The profession of singer is not reserved for everyone.



In most cases, a folk singer has no specific training as a folk singer, because there are no training courses. However, there is now an Mbo school in Arnhem that offers a special training, namely the Mbo training folk singer. This school is also called the school of Dutch song. In order to be admitted to this special training, you will have to have the right prior education and you will have to do a real audition. During this audition, attention will be paid to the voice control and the suitability will be folk musician. In practice, a folk singer does not have a specific training. Singing as a folk singer cannot actually be taught at school, because a folk singer must naturally have the right competencies. Being a folk singer simply has to be in your blood. This cannot simply be learned through a school. Accounting is also important as an independent working folk singer.


In general, a folk singer will have to be regarded as an entrepreneur or as an amateur artist. In most cases, a folk singer is not professionally active as a folk singer. This does not alter the fact that unknown folk singers can also regularly perform at various parties, such as at a wedding. In many cases, a folk singer is affiliated with an artist mediator or an impresariat. As described earlier, there are relatively speaking not many folk singers who work full-time professionally as an artist. In addition, a folk singer can simply be active as a hobby.


The most important competences of a folk singer are the passion for the life song and the passionate propagation of the life song. In addition, a folk singer must simply be able to sing well. The right inspiration and motivation should not be missing as a folk singer. Another important competence is perseverance, because becoming a professional folk singer is not easy. Generally important words are talent, independence, energy, innovation and ambition. Because you work as an entrepreneur, you must also be able to network and have commercial skills. In this respect, communication can also be regarded as an important competence.


The labour market perspective of a folk singer does not really apply, because a folk singer must be regarded as an entrepreneur. The labour market perspective of a folk singer will therefore largely be determined by the success as a folk singer. The career opportunities of a folk singer must be seen in building a good name, which will increase the number of assignments. The career opportunities of a folk singer are actually unlimited. In practice, breaking through as a folk singer will not be very easy. In most cases, a folk singer does not work full-time as a singer.


There are no examples of the employment conditions as a folk singer, because you will be working as an entrepreneur. In addition, a folk singer can work part-time and be active as a hobby. A folk singer does not receive a salary but a fixed fee per performance. What exactly a folk singer will earn depends entirely on the type of performances and the fame of the artist.

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