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An acquirer is someone who tries to acquire customers for a company. As an acquirer, you generally work for a commercial organization or you work for a specialized company that performs acquisition work for other commercial companies, institutions or organizations. The specific activities as an acquirer may differ from one acquirer to another, as an acquirer may work for different types of companies. For example, an acquirer may only be responsible for acquiring new customers, but may also be responsible for further increasing revenues related to existing customers. An acquirer is therefore a commercial employee who makes acquisitions. Acquirers occur in many different ways within the business community and may also use different names depending on the specific work as acquirers. Acquirer actually means nothing more than acquirer and bring in. An acquirer therefore recruits new customers. The work of an acquirer is very important for companies, because it is the acquirers who try to acquire new customers. Acquisition should also be seen in a very general way, because an acquirer can work in many different ways. In all cases, acquisition has to do with sales activities. If an acquirer carries out sales work without prior notice, one also speaks of cold acquisition. The profession of acquirer is a profession that will have to suit you, because being able to sell services and / or products requires the right personality, knowledge and experience.

As an acquirer, you are therefore a commercial employee who is responsible for commercial activities. If you work as an acquirer for companies that acquire customers for other companies, an acquirer can also be called a telemarketer or call center employee. The profession of acquirer is a profession that must suit people in order to be able to perform in a good way. One of the most important qualities of a good acquirer is being able to talk to other people in an easy and good way. A good acquirer will also have no fear of approaching foreign people with the aim of selling products and / or services. Depending on the work, an acquirer can also be regarded as a sales employee. As an acquirer, in most cases you will also receive training to generate more leads. As described earlier, the profession of acquirer occurs in practice in different ways.


Cold acquisition is approaching potential buyers without prior notice. In other words, an acquirer approaches people without making an appointment. The acquirer calls or visits people who are not aware, in the hope of being able to sell products and/or services. Warm acquisition is approaching potential buyers by making an appointment. The potential buyer is then aware of the arrival of the acquirer. With warm acquisition, the chance of success is greater in most cases, because otherwise no appointment will be made. Warm acquisition can also relate to existing customers. If it concerns a warm acquisition, there may also be a representative or an account manager who takes over the work from the acquirer.


Commercial acquirers can be found in all conceivable sectors in different ways. For example, an acquirer within marketing is called a marketer and a street vendor who goes through doors, a colporteur. A demonstrator who demonstrates products in shops or wholesalers can also be seen as an acquirer. All these different commercial acquirers are actively engaged in selling certain products and/or services. Acquirers are therefore responsible for increasing turnover by acquiring new customers and further expanding existing customers with regard to turnover.


There are quite a lot of companies that outsource acquisition work, because acquisition work is not always easy. Good acquirers generally know very well how to best approach potential customers in order to be successful. An acquirer will in most cases approach potential clients after creating a value proposition. The value proposition will have to show who exactly will be a prospect for the acquirer. A prospect is a potential customer who will be approached by the acquirer.



There are no recognised training opportunities for the profession of acquirer. However, there are sufficient commercial training courses that can certainly fit in with the profession of acquirer. Because an acquirer will in many cases have to have specific industry knowledge, it is not possible to appoint a specific training. An acquirer will generally have to have at least an appropriate MBO education. Depending on the work, a bachelor's degree can also be expected. Accounting is also important as an entrepreneur.


An acquirer can work for various types of companies in all conceivable sectors. As described earlier, the profession of acquirer can occur within the practice in different ways. An acquirer can also work for specialized acquisition companies or work as an entrepreneur.


The most important competence of an acquirer is that he or she has a commercial institution. In addition, an acquirer must have a strong communicative knowledge. Knowledge can also be regarded as an important competence, because a good acquirer will have to have the right knowledge to be able to sell certain products and/or services. An acquirer must be able to convince potential customers in order to be successful. Generally important words are performance, passion, energy, perseverance, relationship management, courage, listening and insight.


The labour market perspective as an acquirer cannot simply be indicated, because this can differ per sector. In general, companies are eager for good acquirers who are demonstrably successful within their industry. The career opportunities as an acquirer can be seen in becoming a team leader, so you will also be responsible for other employees.


There are no specific examples of the working conditions as an acquirer, because you can work for different types of companies in different industries. An acquirer will usually earn a salary between 2500 and 3500 euros gross per month, depending on age, education and further responsibilities. As an acquirer, it is not unusual that there will be additional fees if the objective is achieved. A specific salary indication is also difficult to give for this profession.

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