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A pastry chef is a baker who specializes in pastry. Characteristically, the products of a pastry chef generally contain a lot of sugar. For this reason, a pastry chef is sometimes called a confectioner. The name patissier originates from Belgium. In Belgium, there are more real pastry chefs than in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, prospective bakers can also choose the direction of pastry chef or pastry chef. As a pastry chef, it is important that you have enough creativity, so that you always know how to come up with new designs for your pastries and cakes. As a pastry chef you can work in a pastry shop or you work in an exclusive patisserie shop. A pastry chef specializes in making all kinds of pastries and pies, in which creativity plays an important role. Another name for pastries and cakes is also pastry products. A pastry chef is therefore not a standard baker, because a pastry chef makes special pastry products, which in many cases have a luxurious appearance. Some products that a pastry chef often bakes and sells include cakes, pastries and chocolate. As a pastry chef you will therefore work as an artisanal pastry chef. The profession of pastry chef or pastry chef can also be regarded as a special profession, because being able to make delicious pastries is generally not very easy. A pastry chef is more than just a pastry chef, because a pastry chef makes special products, which can also vary per season of the year. A pastry chef cannot be seen as an ordinary baker, because a pastry chef makes special products. This is especially the case if a pastry chef works within an exclusive patisserie store. Within exclusive patisserie shops, generally only special delicacies are made, which have a luxurious appearance. The word patisserie comes from French and stands for pastry shop.‎

‎A pastry chef is therefore a pastry chef who cannot simply be compared to an ordinary ‎‎baker‎‎. As indicated earlier, a pastry chef in the Netherlands is quickly called a pastry chef and the name pastry chef is more common in Belgium. Pastry is the name for finer prepared pastries and is usually made from more expensive ingredients so that the pastry can be seen as exclusive and has a luxurious look. The big difference between a normal baker and pastry chef is that the pastry chef or pastry chef will not sell bread, but focuses on the luxury items. A pastry chef also often works on assignment such as for ‎‎weddings‎‎ and other parties. Despite the fact that a pastry chef can also make chocolate, the chocolate baker also has its own name ‎‎chocolatier‎‎. Artisanal pastry chefs, such as a pastry chef, must be regarded as ‎‎craftsmen‎‎. Learning a craft is only possible by gaining a lot of practical experience in addition to the theoretical knowledge. Without the right motivation, ‎‎inspiration‎‎ and perseverance, it is actually not possible to become a good pastry chef.‎


‎The profession of pastry chef is highly regarded within the pastry world and is sometimes described as "Top pastry chef" which is of course just like a ‎‎chef‎‎ in a kitchen. As a pastry chef, there are even important competitions that you can sign up for as a pastry chef. These competitions usually involve a lot of ‎‎pastry chefs‎‎ from different countries. As a pastry chef, it is very important that you have sufficient creativity in addition to the professional knowledge. Creativity is important, because a good pastry chef must always come up with new products, which must also have a luxurious appearance. As a pastry chef, it is also possible that you will work with ice cream. Think, for example, of making special ‎‎ice cream cakes‎‎. In some cases, a pastry chef is sometimes called an ‎‎artist‎‎ with food, because a pastry chef makes such special objects.‎


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  • ‎Pie‎
  • ‎Cookies‎
  • ‎Marzipan‎
  • ‎Chocolate‎
  • Cake



‎In order to become a pastry chef, it is best to follow a training in the direction of ‎‎bread and pastry chef‎‎. Vocational training generally lasts two to four years, depending on the previous training. During the training, you will learn to work independently as a bread and pastry chef. During the training there is therefore a lot of attention for making bread, pastries and cakes, which are made with different ingredients. In addition, there is a lot of attention for hygienic working during the training, because that is of course very important as a baker. In addition to making bread, pastries and cakes, you will also learn how to modulate and finish them. There is also a ‎‎Dutch Bakery Center‎‎ where more information can be found. In addition, there are also plenty ‎‎of external training institutes‎‎ where you can follow a course. Accounting is ‎‎also‎‎ important as an entrepreneur.‎


‎As a pastry chef you usually work for exclusive pastry shops or you work in an artisanal pastry shop. A pastry chef does not work as an ordinary baker and therefore does not work in normal bakeries. As a pastry chef it is also possible to work for the better and more luxurious ‎‎restaurants‎‎ and ‎‎hotels‎‎. Especially abroad, the profession of pastry chef can be regarded as a popular profession. A pastry chef can generally work abroad in a broad way than in the Netherlands. A pastry chef is usually not employed within the industry. In that case, we speak more of an ‎‎industrial baker‎‎.‎


‎The most important competence of a pastry chef is the all-round craftsmanship as a pastry chef, because otherwise you cannot work independently as a pastry chef. In addition, creativity can be regarded as an important competence, because a pastry chef must always be able to come up with special products. In that respect, it can also be important that a pastry chef can be seen as ‎‎a trend watcher‎‎. Another important competence is perseverance, because a pastry chef's working days generally start very early. Because a pastry chef can in some cases also be regarded as a sales employee, the pastry chef must also have good ‎‎communication‎‎ skills. If a pastry chef has to deal with personnel, ‎‎motivation‎‎ and ‎‎inspiration‎‎ can also be regarded as important competencies. Generally important words as pastry chef are ‎‎hygiene‎‎, performance, product knowledge, quality, planning, innovation, presentation and ‎‎commercial‎‎.‎


‎As indicated earlier, there are a lot less specialized pastry shops in the Netherlands than in Belgium and getting a job as a pastry chef will therefore not be very easy. Within the Netherlands, you are more likely to work in traditional pastry shops where there are generally enough jobs available. The career opportunities as a pastry chef should be seen as setting up your own pastry shop. There are no further career opportunities for this profession. However, as a pastry chef you can participate in important competitions as indicated earlier that can certainly help with your career as a pastry chef.‎


‎As a pastry chef, you will usually fall under the ‎‎collective labour agreement for the bakery business‎‎ in which the employment conditions are regulated. A pastry chef in paid employment will usually ‎‎earn‎‎ a salary between 1700 and 2500 euros gross per month depending on age, education and specific responsibilities.‎

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