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A shoe shiner is responsible for polishing shoes. Polishing shoes involves cleaning shoes, protecting leather, and restoring the natural color. In short, we can best describe the work of a shoe polisher as protecting footwear from the weather influences, including making footwear beautiful. A shoe polisher can use different shoe polish products for this, which depend on the type of leather (the color). Most people who polish their own footwear use self-shiny shoe polish, which cannot really be classified as shoe polish. This is the case because self-shiny shoe polish only forms a top layer without it pulling into the pores of the leather, creating nourishment of the leather. A professional shoe polisher will use leather wax, which is applied with a brush in combination with liquid shoe cream. In order to properly protect leather from footwear, it is important that a shoe polisher with a cloth creates heat, so that the wax and shoe cream pull well into the pores of the leather. The profession of shoe polisher is almost non-existent in the Netherlands, except for a few companies that deal with shoes. Abroad, shoe shiners are still often employed on the street. This usually concerns people who do not have it very broadly. Within the Netherlands, in most cases there will be a shoe shine machine, which can be found in the better hotels. The profession of shoe polisher should also be seen as fairly general, because a shoe polisher can work in different ways. In general, a shoe polisher will also be responsible for other activities, but in some cases the profession of shoe polisher also occurs as an independent profession. In that case, we are usually talking about foreign countries.‎

‎A shoe polisher is therefore responsible for polishing shoes and originally worked on the street. This does not alter the fact that the better ‎‎hotels‎‎, ‎‎shoemakers‎‎ and ‎‎tailor shops‎‎ can use a shoe polisher. In that case, a shoe shiner is responsible for providing additional service to customers. Having footwear polished is a service that can be offered by various specialty stores as an extra service for their customers. Shoe shiners are often associated with ‎‎poor‎‎ people, who live off the street, however, this does not always have to be the case. It is conceivable that a street cleaner is ‎‎retired‎‎ and would like to be among people. In addition, shoe shiners can work in the most luxurious ‎‎stores‎‎, because they offer a special service to customers. Obviously, there are also many shoe shiners who do not have it wide. Shoe shiners who work on the street are usually employed in the larger cities that many people are.‎


‎Shoes make the man just as ‎‎clothes‎‎ make the man. A tailor-made suit is only beautiful if the shoes are also beautiful. Nowadays, more and more men pay attention to their shoes, because beautiful shoes are an important part of the overall picture. Men generally only buy new shoes when necessary. It is the shoe shiners, who keep shoes in top condition by polishing them. If shoes are regularly polished, they will last longer, because the leather will not dry out, so there can be no cracks. In most cases, having shoes polished does not take more time than a maximum of fifteen minutes. Brushing shoes in a good way requires the necessary knowledge. For example, there are also shoe shiners, who use fire to create heat. As a result, the shoe polish will pull better into the ‎‎leather‎‎.‎



‎There are no training courses for shoe polishers, and it is not necessary to follow a training to become a shoe polisher. Learning to polish shoes is not difficult and is a matter of trying. Product knowledge as a shoe polisher can be important because there are different polishes. Polishing shoes as a shoe polisher should be seen as unskilled ‎‎work‎‎, which does not require training. Most shoe shiners are self-employed. Accounting is ‎‎also‎‎ important as an entrepreneur.‎


‎Most shoe shiners work as ‎‎entrepreneurs‎‎. In addition, it is conceivable that a shoe shiner does not have his own business. In that case, a shoe shiner will only polish shoes as extra income. As described earlier, shoe shiners can work in different ways. For example, working on the street involves other activities than working in a hotel or ‎‎shop‎‎.‎


‎The most important competence of a shoe polisher is the professional knowledge of shoe polish products and material knowledge, because shoes can be made up of different materials. In addition, wanting to offer service can be regarded as an important competence. Kindness can also be regarded as an important competence. In other words, a shoe shiner must also be seen as a kind of ‎‎host‎‎. Because a shoe shiner has to deal with many different customers, ‎‎communication‎‎ can also be regarded as an important competence. Finally, it is not unimportant to mention that a shoe polisher must also have a ‎‎commercial‎‎ institution. Generally important words are perseverance, performance, quality, independence and insight.‎


‎Labour market perspective does not apply to a shoe shiner, because the profession of shoe polisher does not occur in paid employment. However, it is conceivable that a shoe polisher is also responsible for other activities. In that case, the profession of shoe polisher should be seen as a supplement to another profession. There are generally no career opportunities for a shoe polisher, other than starting your own business as a shoe shiner. The profession of shoe polisher is almost non-existent, which means that the labour market perspective and the career opportunities are very limited.‎


‎Employment conditions do not apply because in most cases it will concern entrepreneurs. What exactly a shoe shiner will earn is not easy to indicate, because this depends entirely on the number of customers. In most cases, an independently working shoe shiner will not earn very much.‎

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