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A graphologist is someone who specializes in analyzing manuscripts. Graphology is the pseudoscientific study and analysis of manuscripts in relation to human psychology. A graphologist tries to uncover the true nature of the writer by analyzing manuscripts. Graphology is mainly used in personnel selection and in personality typing. According to graphologists, by studying a person's handwriting, his true nature, character traits and reliability can be brought to the surface. Graphology can only be applied to people over eighteen years of age, because young people are not yet fully developed in terms of handwriting. Even in sick people who, for example, tremble or have cramps, it is not possible to analyze texts. Nowadays, the profession of graphologist is almost non-existent, because not many people use graphology. Graphology is also controversial, because not everyone believes in the workings of graphology. Scientifically, there is no evidence that graphology works. Graphology cannot be seen as forensic writing research, because forensic writing research is aimed at recognizing manuscripts. This has nothing to do with being able to determine behavior or the reliability of people. As described earlier, the profession of graphologist is almost non-existent. In the past, graphologists were usually responsible for personnel selection, but nowadays this is no longer applicable. Most employers today use psychologists to determine if someone is suitable for a particular position. According to graphologists, people's handwriting projects different useful information, which can be used for different purposes. This mainly concerns being able to determine character traits.

A graphologist is therefore specialized in graphology, which can also be seen as scriptural psychology. Graphology or scriptural psychology refers to the analysis of manuscripts to determine character traits of people. As a graphologist you are therefore able to get to know people in a special way by analyzing manuscripts. A graphologist therefore determines character traits of people without meeting the people. Some important character traits that a graphologist can recognize in people are ambition, willpower, stability, self-confidence, enthusiasm and social skills. A graphologist looks at specific characteristics such as the angle of inclination of letters and words, the pressure with which words are written and the mutual word distance. In the past, it was mainly employers and recruiters who used graphologists. Nowadays, employers and recruiters only use psychologists to determine whether someone is suitable for a position. This mainly concerns vacancies for higher positions within the business community. Think, for example, of recently graduated students, who may be offered a traineeship. Graphology does go beyond just being able to find suitable employees. Graphologists also claim to be able to determine whether someone is using drugs or alcohol, as this directly affects the handwriting. Graphologists also claim that they can recognize from the handwriting that someone is lying or unreliable.


Graphology and writing expertise both have to do with writing, but graphology and writing expertise cannot simply be compared with each other because a graphologist is more concerned with the personality structure of people and a forensic writing expert tries to investigate whether a certain signature or other type of writing is real or perhaps has been forged. Writing expertise can also be used if someone has written a threatening letter and the police think that the writer can be found within a certain group of people. Graphology and writing expertise both relate to written texts, but in different ways. Someone who specializes in writing expertise should rather be considered a forensic investigator.



There are no training opportunities through ordinary schools for the profession of graphologist. However, there is a Dutch order of graphologists where more information can be found about graphology. Moreover, the profession of graphologist has common ground with psychology. In addition, there are also plenty of external training institutes where you can follow a course. Accounting is also important as an entrepreneur.


In most cases, a graphologist must be regarded as an entrepreneur. The profession of graphologist does not actually occur in paid employment. In addition, graphology can be seen as a supplement to another profession. As described earlier, the profession of graphologist is almost non-existent professionally.


The most important competence of a graphologist is the ability to analyze manuscripts. In addition, a graphologist must have knowledge of psychology. Communication should also be regarded as an important competence, because you will usually work on behalf of other people or organizations. Generally important words are creativity, sense of responsibility, integrity, judgment, research skills, inspiration and social skills. Graphology is a pseudoscience and can therefore not be regarded as science.


The labour market perspective of a graphologist does not apply, because the profession of graphologist is almost non-existent. In addition, most graphologists in the past worked as entrepreneurs. There are no possible career opportunities for the profession of graphologist. However, starting your own business can be seen as growing within a career.


Employment conditions do not apply to this profession because you will be working as an independent entrepreneur and you will of course determine your own employment conditions. Also, giving a salary indication for this profession is not possible because a graphologist will work as a freelancer. A graphologist will usually invoice per assignment and not work per hour. Incidentally, there are not many graphologists who can get enough assignments to make ends meet.

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