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ABiLiTieS Trust


ABiLiTieS Trust


What is a Dutch trust company in the Netherlands active in?

In the Netherlands trust companies do not have any involvement in trusts. Instead trust companies provide corporate services such a nominee directorship, financial reporting, registered address, fund administration, payrolling and structured finance. The Netherlands is the homeland of some of the largest trust companies in the world.   

How can ABiLiTieS Trust support your business? 

We offer a cost-effective solution for international operating groups that do not have or have a limited number of staf located in the Netherlands. Our legal and accounting teams will provide your business with the knowlede on local requirements and accounting standards.We have a large network with good and affordable Dutch tax advisors, notaries, auditors and lawyers specialised in supporting holding companies and SPV's.  

What kind of trust company is ABiLiTieS Trust?

ABiLiTieS Trust is a medium sized trust office with its offices close to the legal and financial district of Amsterdam, Schiphol airport and Court of Amsterdam. ABiLiTieS Trust is a boutique firm focussing on providing directorship, accounting and legal and secretarial support to holding companies and other special purpose vehicles. Our management ownes the business and is directly involved in servicing ABiLiTieS Trust's clients. 

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