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Have you ever wondered if there is a way to efficiently handle the tremendous amount of workload that your company has to deliver and meet the deadlines? A common problem that Shipping, Offshore companies and Shipyards have is the amount of projects, job tasks and services that have to deliver on time in order to keep their clients satisfied and make profitable contracts. Unfortunately the above mentioned companies have a limited amount of employees who are specialized to deliver the job tasks and these employees have to work really hard, more than 8 hours per day ( quite common are 10 hours or more), sacrificing a lot of their personal life in order to keep their position or grow faster within a company. This unbalanced way of life results in employees fatigue, high stress levels and lack of motivation, thus reduces their productivity. There are two solutions in the above mentioned problem: 1.The companies to hire more employees. This could be the best solution but the companies are limited from their budget and the uncertainty of the bad market that shipping and offshore companies face due to worldwide financial and oil crisis. 2.The companies delegate their workload to another specialized company. That is the optimum solution and the reasons are stated below: - They are not committed to the specialized company as they do not have to sign any permanent contract of employment. - The service provider company is highly specialized in the job tasks as their mission is continuous development. -More experienced as it is facing a lot of different clients and challenges that brings new ideas and solutions. - With the diversity of knowledge and expertise that brings to the company, it enhances the decision of expansion to further activities and increase the competitiveness in the market. OPG MARINE AND OFFSHORE SERVICES is one of these service providers that companies delegate job tasks. Additionally the patent pending unique and highly efficient method incorporated in all the services helps your company to reduce their huge costs that occur due to a number of unpredictable factors.